Mictrack have launched the world’s smallest NB-IoT GPS Tracker G902, it use the latest NB-IoT technology and can standby for 200days.It also works with GPS, Wi-Fi and BLE, it can deliver accurate indoor and outdoor location information.

NB-IoT tracking device are differrent with common 3G or 4G gps tracker, G902 support CoAP protocol and default connect to Huawei Oceanconnect platform so if the mobile operator support Oceanconnect that would be better for the test, or maybe need to modify the firmware to test together.current have pass  the test with China telecom, Singtel and Chunghwa Telecom. Telstra, Vodafone ,Telenor and entel still on testing.

Latest: it have pass the test via Telefonica, Singte, StartHub, China Telecom, Danmark,Slovakia, Noway etc.