Some of our Japanese customers would like to test the CAT M1 GPS Tracker MT825 but seems to get the match sim card is not easy.

Last week we get the feedback from Yang Gui Jun (one customer from Japan) and he finally makes the MT825 works with B-mobile Cat M1 SIM.

If you also want to try MT825 in Japan maybe the following process will help you (All following info provide from Yang Gui Jun):

The SIM I used this time is below.

b-mobile 190PadSIM.
*This is a Japanese language only site. If you need it, please read using google translation.

This plan has two types of plans that use the NTT DoCoMo line and Softbank line, and I tested and confirmed the operation is Softbank line plan.
I have not confirmed whether it can be used with the NTT DoCoMo line plan.

B-mobile is the service brand name of Japan Communications Inc. in Japan.
Japan Communications is one of the largest MVNO service providers in Japan.

When Japan Communications sells this SIM, they say it can use only Apple iPhone and iPad SIM, but in fact, it works with other devices….for example, Android and MT825… as well and no problem.

This is MT825(QUECTEL BG96) settings for 190PadSIM with the Softbank line in Japan.



If you are using AT&F command on BG96 (MT825), please note that using only Mictrack interface may not set APN authentication settings correctly.
In this case, you need to set it yourself with the AT command.
The 190PadSIM Softbank line uses the “CHAP” method.

In that case, the following AT command may be necessary.


*After using AT&F on BG96, the last number was sometimes 0 (NONE).
*So in that case you should set it to 2(CHAP).