Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Mictrack 4G GPS Tracker MT600 support 4G/3G/2G

Generally,  the 4G LTE support as follow:

MT600-A:  main for North America(US/Canada);

MT600-E: main for Australia/Asia/Europe.

MT600-C: main for Asia.

Also you can check the Global 4G network frequency band from this site:

or coontact us for help:

After you get the devices, pls send the text command to tracker as follow:

#803#0000#APN##( different country the apn are different, pls contact your local carrier to get the correct APN)




Or Watch the video:

If still trouble pls contact us:

MT600 will auto-charging when backup battery voltage is less then 3.3V and LED light, or LED no light.

All Mictrack devices are compatible with GPS-trace platform.The config info as follow:

Port: 20208
Device typle: TLT-2H

FREE download the APP by following link:

We offer several types of GPS devices, each one with its own features. Depending on the specific usage and objectives you are planning, some devices will perform better than others. We have a highly qualified group of senior GPS Tracking consultants who will be more than happy to help you in selecting the most appropriate GPS device. Please contact us to help you!

Installing a GPS device is very easy. There are 3 cables that have to be connected:

• Red cable: Has to be connected to a line that will always have power.
• Black cable: Has to be connected to the ground of the vehicle.
• Green cable: Has to be connected to a line that will have power only when the Ignition is ON.

The GPS device can be located in a discrete place, for example underneath the dashboard, to have the unit concealed.

There are many companies that offer professional installation of GPS devices. We can provide you with a list of contacts that will be more than happy to provide you with this service.

Or check the install video:

Our GPS Tracking devices contain two modules:

1. GPS module: This module will allow the locator device to get its location from the GPS satellites.
2. SMS module: This module acts almost as a cell phone. It transmits the information received from the GPS module to the cellular networks and from there to our servers.

Once the information is received in our servers, a special software process it and presents it to you in our GPS Tracking web system.

Real Time tracking system will collect the information of the vehicle and send it to the servers(the interval time can set) that will process the information. This type of system is ideal
Determine what type of tracking and monitoring you want to do. Is it basic or advanced tracking? Do you want to monitor people or track assets? If you still are not sure, contact us at and our staff will be happy to assist you.
Yes, our protocol is open for user, and it allows you to integrate location data from your vehicles into your web site or server. contact us to get the protocol now.