Mictrack is a leading 4G/NB-IoT GPS Tracking devices supplier.We specialized in designing,producing and selling all kinds of 4G/NB-IoT GPS trackers,OEM and ODM service are also offered.

With a  strong R&D Team (most of engineers work in GPS tracker field for 10 years) and well organized production team,we can customize your own designs or create designs according to your requirements.

Mictrack is always looking to be at the forefront of GPS industry.. If you also have some great ideal, contact us now.


2018 Q1 Will Release the Long standby NB-IoT GPS Tracker

2017.12 Release the global first NB-IoT OBD Tracker MP90-NB

2017. 7 Release the world’s first NB-IoT GPS tracker MT550

2017.6  Release the MINI 3G Vehicle tracker MT530

2017.1 ODM 4G Tracker for Low Altitude Flight Tracking System

2016.12 Release the 4G OBD2 tracker MP90

2016.11 Release  the 4G Personal tracker MT510G

2016.8 Release the 3G Personal tracker MT510

2016. 3 PASS the CE Certification

2016.1 Release the first 4G Vehicle GPS Tracker MT600

2015. 11 Release the 3G Vehicle tracker MT500

2015. 9 Release the 3G Personal tracker (OMD For Taiwan Client)

2014.12 Release the 2G MINI GPS tracker MP80

2013. 12  Mictrack was founded in Shenzhen, China



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