30 05, 2019

Mictrack will launch 5G GPS Tracker in 2019

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Mictrack will launch the 5G GPS tracker MT650 in 2019. MT650 is the GPS tracking device to use 5G network technology , are embedded with Quectel’s 5G module RG500Q, which was developed based on  Qualcomm X55 5G modem. The MT650 built in U-blox GPS module, it can receive accurate location information for effortless location [...]

13 02, 2018

Config Network & Bands for NB-IoT GPS Trackers

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1. Network Search Mode Configuration  Format: NWM,SCANMODE,IOTMODE,SCANSEQ For example: NWM,3,1,3 Parameer description 2. Bands Configuration Format: BAND,CATM1BANDVAL,CATNB1BANDVAL For example: BAND,0,28 Parameer description 3. If you need the device works on NB-IoT only and config the bands to B3, send the following tow commands: NWM,3,1,3 BAND,0,3 Click here to Download the config tool or contact us [...]