8 09, 2020

CAT M1 GPS Tracker MT825 Review From Japan

2020-09-08T17:08:26+08:00By |

Some of our Japanese customers would like to test the CAT M1 GPS Tracker MT825 but seems to get the match sim card is not easy. Last week we get the feedback from Yang Gui Jun (one customer from Japan) and he finally makes the MT825 works with B-mobile Cat M1 SIM. If [...]

30 05, 2019

Mictrack will launch 5G GPS Tracker in 2019

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Mictrack will launch the 5G GPS tracker MT650 in 2019. MT650 is the GPS tracking device to use 5G network technology, is embedded with Quectel’s 5G module RG500Q, which was developed based on  Qualcomm X55 5G modem. The MT650 built-in U-Blox GPS module, it can receive accurate location information for effortless location tracking. It [...]

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