Currently 2G technology is being used extensively in many GPS Tracking devices. But that is soon to change as 3G and 4G networks are set to overtake the older 2G networks in usage in 2016 and 2017. 2G networks will then slowly be phased out in many regions of the world including Australia, the US, Singapore and Taiwan. This change will automatically cascade to the devices using the networks including GPS tracking devices. 2G tracking devices will gradually go out of use and 3G tracking devices will begin to rule the roost. Hence 3G tracking device business will witness a boom like never before.

You, as a fleet owner, can ride this new wave of technology to meet all your business resolutions that you have made in the New Year 2016. You want to improve the efficiency of your fleet, maintain your fleet better than before and enhance your business image among your customers. You can do all this by embracing 3G GPS tracker technology. If you are thinking of how a single technology can do all this, read on to find out.

Fleet Maintenance

Generally, the top maintenance activities for any fleet are oil changes, air filter changes, tire rotations and brake pad maintenance. There need to be constant reminders in place so that you don’t miss any of these critical activities. A 3G GPS tracking device can be configured to remember a starting mileage that you should enter. From here on, it can automatically calculate the next mile in which the maintenance stop is required. The system can thus be configured to send reminders for all the critical maintenance activities. This will ensure that your fleet is always healthy.

Fleet Efficiency

You ask any dispatcher or a driver and they will tell you that the most important factor that affects the efficiency of the fleet is the routing. You always want the shortest route for all your vehicles. But practically speaking, finding and traveling by the shortest route will not work all the time. You could have bad traffic on the route or the road conditions could be awful. This situation changes when you use a 3G GPS tracker device. Its advanced routing options assist the drivers in finding the shortest route to a destination. Dispatchers can make use of the live maps to assess traffic conditions along the route and re-route the drivers in real-time. This increases the fleet’s efficiency as they can reach their destinations quicker and take more rides without compromising on anything.

Fleet and customer safety

As a fleet owner, the safety and security of your customers and the fleet are of paramount importance to you. You can rely on the latest 3G tracking devices to track and monitor your drivers. The device can be configured to monitor and report important statistics like harsh braking, speeding, rapid acceleration and frequent lane changes. Such vital information can be used to identify aggressive driver behavior which can lead to accidents and can smear your reputation among your clientele. On a regular basis, you can inspect these reports and take any appropriate and timely corrective action before they can cause any damage.

Customer satisfaction

The way in which you engage your customer will change dramatically when you start using a 3G tracking device. It can solve all the typical data storage issues that you face-security, integrity and availability. It can store huge volumes of customer data securely without any issues. It can make this information available to you whenever you need it. When you want to contact your customers for relaying any information like a delayed pickup and latest offers, you can do so in a timely fashion. 

3G GPS trackers are great tools that you should use to accomplish all your business resolutions for the New Year. The benefits that they provide over-weigh the initial investment that you make by a large margin. If you need any help with understanding, installing or training, feel free to contact us today.