If you have been testing our 4G GPS Tracker MT600 (or any other mictrack devices) and would like to connect with trackits platform, the following info maybe can help you.

1. How to Active the device on the server

2. App install and login

  • Search “Yi tracker” in Google Play or iOS store to download the Mobile App(do not select Yi tracker2)
  • Choose” Login by Device No.
  • Input server www.trackits.com
  • Input your device’s ID number and password(the default is 123456, you can change the password later)

3. PC login

  • Web: www.trackits.com
  • Choose “ID No.
  • Input your device’s ID number and password(default is 123456)

4 Setup the APN to show on Map

To connect the server, the APN is necessary, set up the APN as follows:

1. CALL your sim card provider to get the correct APN info(such as the APN is “phone”)

2. Use your phone sends the text ” #803#0000#phone##” to tracker’s SIM number (see follow imagine)

6. After that please make the device outside or near to window to get GPS signal and it will show the real-time location on the server.

Please contact us if any issues: info@mictrack.com