From last year,  Mictrack released the world first NB-IoT GPS tracker MT550, and then launch the OBD GPS Tracker MP90-NB and NB-IoT Personal device G902. and now all over the world focus on the NB-IoT technology and would like to catch up the opportunity of IoT business. However,  after test for a year with a lots of clients and mobile carried and we found the NB-IoT device is complex to connect to local server and network, compare the traditional 2G, 3G and 4G GPS Tracker. but final we pass the test in some of countries or regions.

Early in this year the Vodafone China Team visit our office and advise” slow down the promote to the market” because of the network reason, we also aware of this. and in July the China Telecom upgrade their NB-IoT base station again and all our device can not works and then we have to send then all to Quectel for upgrade, of course the device firmware also need update. In Europe, most of clients test them in local Lab only and the with the trial APN. So we think also need much long time for the commercialize of the NB-IoT market.

Our engineer open the serial port so the customer can customize the IP, port and APN info, This will be very convenient for users to conduct network testing. like the MT550 and MP90-NB, we will share some of  NB-IoT network test in the past few years.

  1. We worked with Huawei and STC (Saudi Telecom Company) from Dec, 2017 and final pass the local NB-IoT test after 4 months. We choose the MT550 and MP90-NB for the IoT device to verify the NB-IoT B3 and B28. (check the full report from this link: .


2. Telenor NB-IoT B20


3. Telstra NB-IoT B28


3. Far EasTone NB-IoT B28Far-EasTone-B28

4. Mictrack has pass the following network test with NB-IoT GPS trackers: (we will continue update after get new test)

Country/RegionOperatorFrequency BandsTest DevicesResult
ChinaChina TelecomB5850MHzMT550/MP90-NB/G902-B5PASS
China MobileB8900MHzMT550/MP90-NB/G902-B8PASS
China UnicomB8900MHzMT550/MP90-NB/B902-B8PASS
TaiwanFar EasToneB28700MHzMT550/MP90-NBPASS
Chuanghwa TelecomB81800/900MHzMT550/MP90-NB/G902-B8PASS
Saudi ArabiaSTCB3/B281800/700MHzMT550/MP90-NBPASS
MexicoAmérica MóvilB28700MHzMT550/MP90-NBPASS
South AfricaVodafoneB8900MHzMT550/MP90-NBPASS


MT550 Catalog

MP90-NB Catalog

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