Shenzhen, Nov 27, 2015–Mictrack have released the world’s first 3G vehicle GPS tracker that supports Global band. According to the world GSM organizes more and more country and regions will shut down the 2G network and switch to 3G/4G. The most effective is the GPS tracker that uses 2G units. so to ensure the new market and help most of the company build the new 3G GPS tracking business, Mictrack decides to release the 3G device for the first time.

the opportunity of 3G GPS Tracker:

1. Most of the country the 2G network will disappear and will be replaced by 3G/4G in the future;
2. 3G transfer is faster than 2G, so for some external function such as a camera is should be better;
3., for now, 3G is the smaller market and there is a big opportunity for us to extend the 3G trackers market;

Why Choose US:

  1. New design and multiple colors optional;
  2. Qualcomm solution, more stable performance
  3. Global Frequency(UTMT: 800/850/900/1900/2100MHz)
  4. Easy to upgrade to 4G LTE in the future;
  5. OEM/ODM support

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