Mictrack has launched the NB-IoT GPS tracker MT550 – a new way to keep track of the fleet management.

MT550 is the world’s first smart tracking device to use narrowband network technology (NB-IoT, Cat M1), are embedded with Quectel’s multimode LTE Cat.M1/Cat.NB1/EGPRS BG96 module, which was developed based on Qualcomm’s MDM9206 LTE modem.


The advantage of narrowband is Small data utilization, low power consumption, and the ability to securely connect to the internet for optimal location services.

The MT550 built-in U-Blox GPS module, it can receive accurate location information for effortless location tracking. It can be installed to your car and check the location in real-time and never lost them. These tracking and notification abilities will minimize anxiety about fleet management, offering a better way to use technology for increased security for a company or end-user.

MT550 has sent out to Vodafone and China Telecom for testing. We also have got a lot of inquiries for NB-IoT tracking solutions from China Mobile, Singapore M1, Thailand telecom, Norway telecom, and Ericsson, etc.

In Q1 2018,  Mictrack will release the new NB-IoT GPS tracker with long standby for 3-5 years

MT550 Specifications

Dimension: 94 x 51 x 17 mm

Weight: 61g

Cellular IoT: NB-IoT, Cat M1, GSM

GPS: GPS, beidou

Sensor: 3D Accelerometer

SIM: Micro SIM

Battery: 130mAh