Recently we get the new requirement from Huawei & STC for NB-IoT GPS Tracker , the clients would like to config the network and bands by USB Cable. After discussing our engineers ready for it with a new NB-IoT GPS device.

In the process we found the bug in BG96B module:

  1. You may be misunderstood according to the band configuration parameter format :
  •  There are a “Band Configuration” commands in the manual of “BG96_AT_Commands_Manual_V2.0”


  • Follow the commands but it will show “ERROR” as follow:

  • How to fix it?

1>Have to remove the “0x” when you configure the bands or it will show “ERROR”;

2>The correct configuration format is :  AT + QCFG = “band”, f, 4,10,1

  1. The bug after configuring the bands
  • Following is the log after debugging BG96 UART port and you can see after configuring the band and restart the module, the BG96 have no response for AT+CPIN? commands

  • Mictrack’s engineers tried to test it in USB mode but still fail, finally, we found all of the AT commands also have no response after reboot the module.
  • The engineer collect the bug and submit to the Agent of Quectel, however, have not got the better support and it’s very depressing and regrettable
  • How to fix it?

1>We have verity the BUG and try to feedback to the FAE, finally get the new firmware but without any explanation.

2>After upgrading it and the bug will fix in the new firmware. The FAE does not know it at all and a bad attitude.

3>The new firmware version BG96MAR02A05M1G.

4>upgrade the tool QFlash_V4.3

5>PC driver Quectel_BG96_Windows_USB_Driver_V1.0

6>he upgrade process



If you meet the same issues without any support, we hope this post will help you if you also use the Quectel BG96 module.

Or contat us if any questions: [email protected]