When people are celebrate the new year, at the same time VSUN device TLT-2N Motorcycle GPS Tracker bug happened. More of clients feedback” all my GPS Tracker couldn’t connect to GPS Satellite.All GPS Stop tracking on December 31, 2016 23:59:59″. We realize that maybe the devices serous firmware bug and confirm with VSUN later.

As Vsun said the bug only focus on version V4.xx.xxx. and old version for V3.XX.XX need wait release the new firmware.

Flowing are list the firmware for reference:

TLT-2N software update list
You can download the firmware and upgrade tools from This Link or contact us for help.

Update on Jan 14th, 2017: Release the V500 firmware and Click here to download (for V3.xx.xxx).

Mictrack has upgraded TLT-2N to MC300 and it’s more stable and the same functions command. Best choose instead of TLT-2N, contact us: [email protected]